Daily Green Fees

Prices subject to change without notice.


Junior (18 and under)

9 holes no cart: $13.00

18 holes no cart: $20.00

Standard Rates

9 hole – walking: $15.00

9 hole green fee with cart: $25.00

18 hole green fee – walking: $25.00

18 hole green fee with cart: $35.00

36 hole green fee – walking: $35.00

36 hole green fee with cart: $55.00

50th Anniversary Special Pricing:

$9 for 18 holes + Mandatory Cart: $29.00

Afternoon Promo. Pricing (2pm-7pm):

18 holes with cart: $20.00

Member Pricing:

9 hole cart rental – $12.00

18 hole cart rental – $17.00

*HST is applicable on all prices.

Gift Cards:

Loadable Gift Cards can be purchased at the Clubhouse and may be redeemed for golf, lessons, merchandise, or food and beverage.


Once a tee time is booked, golfers must give 24 hours notice of a cancellation. If the booked party fails to attend their tee time or does not cancel their reservation, they will be subject to a no-show fee of the full-price amount.