A visitor from Candigarh.

The Oak Hills Golf Club had a very special visitor today. Gursimar Badwal (Sim), a leading female professional golfer from Candigarh, India and our golf pro Marc Ray are teaching a variety of clinics this week (today's being a morning Ladies Clinic), all while our lovely visitor gets a taste of Canadian life. Sim enjoys getting to know about other countries, and how their children learn, play and how they are taught the game of golf. Sim has been actively golfing for about 10 years. It was Sim's father that first instilled her passion for golf in her.

When asked about her experience in Canada so far, and more specifically, Oak Hills, Sim commented on how astoundingly welcoming it is here, and that she has really been enjoying her time at the club.

Some inspirational words she left us with when asked about her "golf mantra" and what truly keeps her going:

"You can learn as much as you want, but it's still less. There is always more to learn."

We are so happy to have the opportunity to meet such a shining star. It is a pleasure having you here, Sim! Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada. To learn more about golf in India, please check out: GolfingIndian.com