Open For The Season

Please check the tee sheet or call the clubhouse to make sure we are open. There will be days in the early spring where we are not open due to the weather.

Course Policies and Regulations

Starting Procedures

All golfers (guests, members, league participants) are to check in at the Starter Shack prior to teeing off. All games shall start on the first tee unless specific permission is, or directions to the contrary are, obtained from the Starter on duty. An exception to starting on the first tee may be designated by Oak Hills management for specific tournaments and leagues. Golfers are to comply with the starting procedures and to be conscious of their respective pace of play. This includes listening to staff instruction regarding when to be off the course during our twilight hours.

Golf Etiquette

Players should play without delay and follow right behind the group ahead at all times. To help overcome slow play, members and guests should play “ready golf” and are asked to consider the following points:

  • Four-ball games are recommended during periods of heavy play and players will be grouped together accordingly at management’s discretion
  • Prepare for your shot as you approach your ball or the tee and be ready to play on your turn
  • Upon completion of a hole, proceed to the next tee as quickly as possible
  • Always be considerate of fellow golfers
  • Pace of Play for the course is set at 4 hours for 18 holes

Players failing to maintain the pace of play by looking for a ball, or by dropping back more than one clear hole from those in front, must wave the following group through if they are not on time par. The problem of slow play will be monitored throughout the season and action will be taken as considered necessary. The Course Marshal has guidelines to govern the pace of play and will take reasonable actions to correct any problems. Players are reminded to take great care to repair all ball marks on greens and replace divots. Power carts must not be driven closer than thirty feet unless otherwise marked from all greens and tees.

Dress Code

All members and guests must wear suitable attire at all times on the course and at the Clubhouse. Golfers are expected to dress tastefully (i.e., golf shirts, slacks) and to comply with the course dress code. As dress is a personal matter and contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time, any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Oak Hills Golf Club management.


Golf Sandals are acceptable, but all other sandals, flip-flops, or casual dress sandals are not. Soft-spiked golf shoes or athletic shoes are also suitable. Work boots, loafers, dress shoes or any other shoe determined by the management to be inappropriate are not acceptable.

Gentlemen Prohibited Dress

Sleeveless shirts, no shirts, sweatshirts, warm-up pants, jogging pants, jeans, cut-offs, gym shorts, short shorts, caps/shirts with garish, gaudy, or vulgar slogans or blatant advertising.

Ladies Prohibited Dress

Beach tank tops (golf tank tops are acceptable), sweatshirts, warm-up pants, jogging pants, tights/yoga pants, jeans, cut-offs, gym shorts, short shorts, caps/shirts with garish, gaudy, or vulgar slogans or blatant advertising.

Practice Facilities

Practicing on the golf course is absolutely not permitted. Subject to maintenance or extreme weather conditions, the practice facilities will be open daily. In order to assure turf grass conditions, it is paramount that everyone respects the markers or blocks indicating the designated practice areas in use on any given day. By staying within the confines of the markers, better turf conditions will be maintained for the enjoyment of all golfers. The practice range balls are for use on the practice facilities only. Range balls may not be taken for use on the golf course

No Show Policy

Once a tee time is booked, golfers must give 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation. If the booked party fails to attend their tee time or does not cancel their reservation, they will be subject to a no-show fee of the full-price amount.

Rain Cheque Policy

Please note that no rain cheques will be issued for our Afternoon Golf (sale price – 18 holes with cart). No rain cheque’s will be issued if you decide to tee-off in the rain.